Author: futzle

  • Fedivision 2024 is over!

    Thanks to the more than 70 musicians who sent us an entry this year. We all enjoyed the FOUR HOURS of music that you made.

    Thanks also to the three hundred people who sent their votes in, our highest engagement yet.

    Follow to be kept informed of the next Fedivision contest!

  • Fedivision 2024

    Fedivision 2024

    Greetings, musicians! The Fedivision song contest is back in 2024, with the event planned to culminate in May 2024.

    This year, we have a dedicated Fediverse presence at; please follow the account to be kept up to date with events. The songs will still be hosted here on

    A quick recap of the rules:

    • Entries are open to members of the Fediverse. Collaborations are fine.
    • Entries must be original music. No covers, no filk.
    • Entries must be previously unreleased.
    • Entries must be less than four minutes long.

    Time to start composing!

  • Fedivison will return in 2024

    Fedivison will return in 2024

    Our biggest ever Fedivision song contest has just finished, but we’re already thinking about next year’s event.

    Block out your calendars for the first half of June 2024, and prepare your songs!

    See you in 2024!