What is Fedivision?

Fedivision is an annual contest of mucisians in the Fediverse. The Fediverse is a network of servers that are used to communicate with each other, share messages, music and much more.

Fedivision is of course inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest, short ESC.

Who can participate?

Every person who has an account in the Fediverse that is connected to the Mastodon flagship instance mastodon.social can take part apart from servers blocked by BLOCKchain.

What songs can be entered?

The songs that are entered have to be written, composed and performed specifically for Fedivision. They should be no longer than 4 minutes, and they may not violate the general rules of the Fediverse, just like your account. As a minimum consensus, we use the rules for mastodon.social.

The song should be a musical piece. It can be instrumental. It can be acapella. It can be a full-blown pop song, metal, anything. It just has to be music.

How can I enter my song?

Please use this form.

Why do I have to specify a download link to the song’s mp3?

We had some entries last year that may or may not have been entered just to create traffic towards previously existing media on SoundCloud, YouTube etc. We want to give more visibility to musicians of the Fediverse, not create traffic for big media websites. So we will host the entries this year from here – and hopefully in a dedicated stream in the Fediverse in the future.

What does the winner get?

Eternal glory, a new fursona of their choice and a bag of glitter!

No, seriously. There’s nothing to “win” here beyond the contest itself. You’ll get a place in our Hall of Fame, and you can boast a bit. I guess.

How does voting work?

The amazing zatnosk has developed the glorious FediVision Bot that can handle the voting. Go ahead and follow it!

When does the main event start?

Saturday, 21st of May, 6 AM PDT
Saturday, 21st of May, 9 AM EDT
Saturday, 21st of May, 3 PM CEST (Central Europe)
Saturday, 21st of May, 10 PM JST
Saturday, 21st of May, 11 PM AEST

You can find the detailed schedule here.

Why are some servers excluded?

Servers blocked by BLOCKchain are known to violate the minimum consensus. We want to keep the contest safe and friendly. Accounts from these servers are therefore excluded to achieve this.