Hall of Fame

Our Hall of Fame is the place where the winners of past FediVision Song Contests are listed.

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Fedivision 2024

In our fourth year voters were able to cast up to three votes. We saw 372 accounts vote a total of 911 times. We recognized the top ten entries as there were so many more entries this year, a record 72. See all 72 entries

Winner of 2024’s contest:

Song: Misaligned Aardvarks
Artist: Key 13
Country: The Island of Nothing

Place 2:

Song: The New Rage
Artist: Negative Players
Country: New Rage City

Place 3:

Song: All Zombies Go To Heaven
Artist: Dgar
Country: Dizzy Corp

Place 4 was shared by two entries:

Song: Site-23
Artist: Fabi
Country: Blahaj Cuddle Coalition

Song: Synthetic Synchronicity
Artist:by Revengeday
Country: Cyberpunks

Place 6:

Song: Tap My Toes
Artist: Leigh Harrison
Country: The Cabaret Republic

Place 7:

Song: Mare
Artist: Schall und Stille featuring MyLoFy and Tobias Stutz (@stephan@sonomu.club, @MyLoFy@mastodon.social)
Country: Lost Railroad Valley

Place 8:

Song: Face the Fire
Artist: Nerds United
Country: Die Tausend Lande

Place 9:

Song: Living The Dream
Artist: sknob
Country: Rugged scrublands

Place 10:

Song: Versio
Artist: Cobalt
Country: Cobaltia

Fedivision 2023

Our third contest, and the first since the Fediverse’s massive growth in late 2022, saw 43 participants enter. 268 votes were cast. See all 43 entries

Winner of 2023’s contest:

Song: Haul on the Jib: A Recursive Sea Shanty
Artist: @futzle@old.mermaid.town
Country: The Old Mermaid Townsfolk

Place 2 was shared by 2 participants:

Song: Mostly I Don’t Mind
Artist: @negativeplayers@musician.social
Country: Disassociated Empire of Sadsackistan

Song: Spirits
Artist: @stephan@sonomu.club
Country: Lost Railroad Valley

Place 4:

Song: The verse might rise again
Artist: @controlfreak@hackers.town
Country: New Cyberia

Place 5:

Song: Mars
Artist: @TQ@weirder.earth
Country: Bajoran Republic

Fedivision 2022

Fedivision 2022 was our second contest. 36 participants entered unique songs, and 224 votes were cast in total. See all 36 entries

Winner of 2022’s contest:

Song: Se llama el fediverso !
Artist: @iloth
Country: Le BIM !

Place 2 was shared by 2 participants:

Song: cursed(suffering)
Artist: @controlfreak
Country: New Cyberia

Song: Rise
Artist: @stephan
Country: Lost Railroad Valley

Place 4:

Song: Specter
Artist: @TQ
Country: Bajoran Republic

Place 5 was shared by 2 participants:

Song: Make It Happen
Artist: @Fadyalma
Country: Peaceful republic of funky people

Song: Big Tech (is a criminal offence)
Artist: @topio
Country: topio

Fedivision 2021

Fedivision 2021 was a smol, spur-of-the-moment event, and it was a blast. We kicked it off with 22 participants and just 81 votes.

Winner of 2021’s contest:

Song: Neon Light
Artist: Chris Roth: @TQ
Country: Bajoran Republic

Place 2 was shared by 2 participants:

Song: Emergence ~From Story to Life~
Artist: Manibrandr Soundworks: @FreyaManibrandr
Country: Elysia

Song: Crazy Broiler
Artist: Trofim Shachmedusov: @Trofim
Country: Country The Duchy of Ossijar

Place 4 was shared by 2 participants:

Song: Bad Boys 3
Artist: Sakrecoer: @sakrecoer
Country: Fraggle Rock

Song: Loki`s Waltz
Artist: Forest Rage feat. Loki Singstar: @radicalresilience
Country: a secret location