Fedivision 2022

We are overwhelmed by the number and quality of this year’s entries: We have 36 songs with a total playtime of 1:44:10! (Last year: 21 entries.)

If you enjoy the music, please show your love and support to the artists who created these amazing songs for you to enjoy!

While our main event in the Fediverse will happen on May 21st, 3 PM CEST with our official fedivision bot announcing every track and telling you a bit about every entry, you can already listen to the music the artists have composed and performed in your own time.

Voting will start on May 19th, 3 PM CEST. All you have to do to cast your vote is send the bot the code that’s in [brackets], preferrably as a DM.

  1. Disco Transmission (Neptune) [ARKE] @tfb@functional.cafe 2:17
  2. Dancing with the Dead by The Tombtown Rats [TOMB] @y6nH@im-in.space, featuring @storydragon@dragonscave.space on harp 3:06
  3. Digital Attraction [CYMA] @Nomys_Tempar@framapiaf.org 4:04
  4. Die Magie der Tausend Lande – Der Nekromant – Theme Song [TAUS] @wortspielfettgesicht@nrw.social 3:43
  5. Birthright [KLIN] @draco@sonomu.club 3:36
  6. Se llama el fediverso ! [LBIM] @iloth@social.bim.land 2:30
  7. Timeline for Nothing (and your software’s Free) [SOMA] @mykd@mastodon.social 2:38
  8. Big Tech (is a criminal offence) [TPIO] @topio@mastodon.social 3:59
  9. Venom in my Veins [COHV] @harald@hub.volse.no 1:29
  10. Il a perdu son Pantalon [USPA] @desmu@mastodon.desmu.fr 3:58
  11. THE_DOLLHOUSE [DOLL] @Owlor@meow.social 1:26
  12. y’all share [BHCU] @squalorpossum@www.librepunk.club 1:02
  13. Hausruck [AUST] @Riedler@mas.to 1:42
  14. Smiling There [FRFI] @retonom@sonomu.club 3:21
  15. Don’t leave [HOSH] @martyn@toot.martyn.berlin 3:45
  16. Spaceship [PLCW] @diane@mastodon.lol 2:30
  17. Make It Happen [FUNK] @Fadyalma@pixelfed.social 3:26
  18. szene maschine [TNOM] @ccbt23@mas.to 3:23
  19. Rings of Andor [ANDO] @pilum@octodon.social 2:16
  20. Happy computer [ROLA] @rybson@todon.eu 1:51
  21. Wings Crossed [ZAMO] @tresea_epic_x@tube.tchncs.de 3:57
  22. Specter [BAJO] @TQ@weirder.earth 3:30
  23. I Was Here (Now I Disappear) [ACBC] @kawaiipunk@sunbeam.city 3:12
  24. Flavours of Forest Honey [TUNA] @FrankyFire@metalhead.club 2:23
  25. Music Is The Key [BEER] @MiseryPath@metalhead.club 2:33
  26. Rise [RAIL] @stephan@sonomu.club 4:33
  27. Go Try Reality [BIRD] @eivind@mastodon.fjerland.no and @specter@eattherich.club 2:39
  28. PrFv22WDV [DAND] @wetdryvac@hackers.town 3:45
  29. cursed(suffering) [NCYB] @controlfreak@hackers.town 3:32
  30. Fight Me Bitch [MOMS] @ceri_@mstdn.social 1:33
  31. Keyboard Hep Cat [CADO] @futzle@aus.social 2:05
  32. The Pacification of Earth [QAAR] @crump@mastodon.org.uk and @DHeadshot@vernunftzentrum.de 2:55
  33. Denouement [LRRF] @Ohnojoh@rage.love 1:00
  34. Sunshower [BALB] @mikelynch@aus.social 3:57
  35. Hentai Anime Business Lunch [GDRO] @Herr_Samsa@chaos.social 1:44
  36. Unfuck This World [HDEC] @mux2000@tooot.im 4:36

Full disclosure: We had to disqualify one song for being previously released, and we removed 4 doublettes from the database.

The tracks were randomized by Zatnosk, because TQ is also participating in this year’s contest.