Welcome, Musicians!

Welcome, dear musicians, to the fourth annual Fedivision Song Contest in 2024!

Fedivision Rules

  1. One person who holds an account in the Fediverse can enter one song. All servers blocked by fedi.vision are excluded.
  2. The song has to be freshly created for Fedivision and be previously unpublished.
  3. The song should not exceed 4 minutes.
  4. Refrain from topics that are not allowed on most servers: No racism, sexism, hate towards trans and homosexual people and other marginalized groups.
  5. Collaborations are allowed, but every person may only enter one song.
  6. You have until Sunday 12 May 2024 to enter your song via our form below. The link must be a download link so we can host your entry.
  7. Choose a fictional group, faction or country to represent. Please be creative and have fun!

Submissions for Fedivision 2024 will open Sunday 5 May 2024!