How does voting for Fedivision work?

Musicians have created music. You have listened to that music. You have a fav you’d like to support. Now what?

From May 19th, 3 PM CEST until May 21st, 7 PM CEST you can vote for your favorite song, right in the Fediverse. It works like this:

Voting is handled by our Official Fedivision Bot. You cast your vote by sending a message to the bot, containing “vote XXXX”, where XXXX represents the 4 letter code you find under the song in the playlist.

I chose a fictional code for my example:

And that’s it! You voted, congratulations! (I’d strongly recommend making that post private, because otherwise other people will see your vote in their timeline.)

Should you want to change your voice, simply repeat the step before. The bot will change your vote to the latest one.